Les Baynton
' Poet'
Tel: 01332 206734

Les Baynton was crowned Derby Beer King at the 2004 Beer Festival
and is believed to be England’s first publically crowned Beer King—King Les 1st. The ceremony was conducted by Steffi Pohl, the envoy from Derby’s twin city of Osnabruck and attended by the major. The royal party arrived at the festival in two vintage Rolls Royce cars.

This was the first step in linking the two beer festivals held in the twin cities.It is hoped that the two beer kings can make joint appearances at future festivals and events What does a Beer King do? This is a little different in the two countries although they both preside over the festival and officially open them by tapping a barrel of beer on stage.

At The Derby Festival Les also read a specially written Beer Ode to the assembled crowd celebrating the wonderful British real ales.

He then circulated amongst the drinkers talking about the city and the Festival.The Beer King can bring his royal presence to festivals and pub
events and can be contacted at the palace on—01332 206734 Or by email.



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